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  1. owellsky

    Android Phcracker lite 1.0 Edition

    Phcracker lite 1.0 Edition This is unofficial application. For better and convenient surfing. No annoying ads No logs No virus
  2. owellsky

    Android SMS BLAST version 2 REBUILD / Update: Add support languages

    Add Features: * Contact Picker * Intent Phone call * Clear Button * New UI Design - Free File Hosting | SmsBlast.apk Add support languages: Japan French - Free File Hosting | SmsBlast.apk
  3. owellsky

    Android Display your exact "Gps Coordinates" offline / online

    Kayo na bahala malipat sa apps niyo. AIDE user source code:👇 APK EDITOR PRO user: 👇 | Gps_coordinates [1.0].apk Credits: Pareng Google / Stackoverflow
  4. owellsky

    Android Show and display " Host to IP " to your apps in a second

    Use AIDE to add in your application To apk editor pro user [ madAli lang embed yan ] | Host_to_IP [1.0].apk A.i.d.e user source code: credits: walid j. Update: add this line sa pinaka babang TextView android:textIsSelectable="true" Para ma copy niyo lalabas na IP.
  5. owellsky

    Tutorial Add and display "RadioNetwork" in your apps or vpn

    > Radio Network > Display and add > Credits: CREDITS: Ather Akber (Source code) >Use aide to run > Sample java application👇 Powered by: ───╔╗─cracker ╔═╗║╚╗ ║╬║║║║underground ║╔╝╚╩╝ ╚╝────team
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    Tools OpenVPN Connect: How to center actionbar title?

    ───╔╗─ ╔═╗║╚╗crackers ║╬║║║║ ║╔╝╚╩╝ ╚╝────underground <RelativeLayout xmlns:android="" xmlns:tools="" android:layout_width="fill_parent" android:layout_height="wrap_content">...